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Myself by 無罪之罪
Permission to repost given by artist.
Anonymous: I have a question for you; how do you love yourself? I can't seem to love myself at all.

Love, i’m sure you can love yourself with time. I’m a person who doesn’t know how to love herself either but here’s my sketchy point of view on how to. You gotta take care of yourself, Tell me what the word “love” means to you? does it mean psychical love for your traits? Emotionally? is it being beautiful? Sure it will be great to have a good personality and be good looking, but beauty is everything that you are, you might think that i can only be psychical or mentally, that you wouldn’t be able to reach it but its a part of loving yourself. Treat yourself good, don’t neglect the things you want to have in life. Your body is a tiny seedling that is waiting to grow and bloom into a beautiful flower, we’ve been given a perfectly healthy body, but yet we pick flaws in it that we don’t like. Sure you can fix it, but for those who can’t regardless of anything else you should all know that no matter how you are, you’re all lovely, and beyond beautiful. I love you and you’re beautiful no matter what darling, if that helps in the slightest way. 


Do u ever wanna punch urself in the face for procrastinating and ruining ur life